Vodacom and Alphabet Loon Partners To Provide Mobile Internet Network In Mozambique

Mozambique set to enjoy network coverage from Vodacom and Alphabet’s Loon partnership to help with the
provide mobile internet network.

There are areas that do not have network coverage at all in Mozambique and Loon’s ballon will be able to reach such areas. Furthermore, the network provider will also better network coverage in areas that have connection problems.
In the deal, Loon will use its balloon-powered internet solution to reach all areas that Vodacom network coverage does not reach.

Loon intends to offer a 4G network service that will enable Mozambique residents to access Voice, data, Messaging service, and USSD. With this, mobile money services will also be accessible.

Users will only need to have a Vodacom Sim card and a gadget that is 4G-VolTE enabled and they are connected.

Vodacom serves a larger part of the African region and has, with Loon, engaged the relevant authorities. These include the Institute for Civil Aviation of Mozambique (IACM), Autoride Reguladora das Comunicações de Moçambique (ARECOM), and communications regulators, to allow Loon to install its infrastructure in the country.

Loon’s balloons solution comes at the right time more so in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic which means Mozambique nationals can also be informed of the disease and health precautionary measures. Customers will enjoy better services with such modern innovations and solutions to network issues.

Loon and Vodacom expect to roll out the service in a few months.
Loon and Vodacom partnership will see the installation of ground and terrestrial infrastructure and ensure Vodacom subscribers are fully connected. Such partnerships are the indicators of technological advancements in the mobile communications sector in Mozambique.

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