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In Nigeria, a lot of movies are being released every month with the potential to reach the world but the return on investment for the producer is low because of the lack of cinemas in the country, to boost the reach of these movies locally. We need more cinema screens showing our local movies predominantly hence the need for Community Cinemas. The existing Cinemas are not easily accessible to consumers. Most Cinemas are in urban areas where one must drive at least 5 kilometers or more to see a movie which is very inconvenient for most people.

Nigeria is a country with huge untapped potential in an industry that is rated No 3 in the world, our Movie Industry. There is currently limited or no access to learning about the Cinema Industry and I believe with the Community Cinemas set up, the existing monopoly of certain Cinemas in our over-saturated Urban areas will be broken. I am convinced that what I lack in experience will be augmented by partnerships with the right people.

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