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My brand is a skincare brand and it was born out of the passion of seeking to help people find comfort in their own skin, I grew up watching my mom spend a lot on products just to have her face and body all beautiful because she had acne prone skin and was always susceptible to breakouts.

I found joy when I discovered that I could solve these problems with organic products and I decided to help not just my mom but also many other people who had the same problem as my mother.

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This Venture is Currently: Seeking Funds.

Plan Summary

>Idea Plan

We have an elevator pitch. This is a high-risk venture that offers potentially high-rewards. We have a revolutionary new idea that will change the rules of the game.

It’s all about providing safe, effective, reliable and affordable skin and hair care products and services for people, particularly between the ages of 0 to 65.

My idea is different because most skincare brand recommends products for people without getting to know them and their allergies, the way they react to ingredients in these formulations and how to use them.

My brand already has a form “CLIENT’S DETAILS FORM” and this is what it uses to recommend products for people.

I intend to achieve this through up and close interaction with my clients.



My products will focus mainly on both genders particularly between the ages of 0 to 65.





It’s can generate at most 50,000 naira in a month

Venture Details

Startup stage
Obafemi Awolowo university female maintenance hostel, Rock of ages hostel block B room 2. Ile-ife, Osun state 220282 NG
Business Services, Retail and Wholesale



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