Abba Mobile Phone’s Accessories & Repairs

Abba Mobile phones Accessories & repairs

Sales of mobile phones, Accessories, and General merchant.

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This Venture is Currently: Seeking Funds.

Plan Summary

>Idea Plan

We have an elevator pitch. This is a high-risk venture that offers potentially high-rewards. We have a revolutionary new idea that will change the rules of the game.

My business is to sales of mobile Phones, Accessories, Repairs, & General merchant.



1. a very good price for my customers
2.interms of quality
3.always different types of product are available in our store.



1.My team they communicate well with each other.
2.They focus on goals and result
3. Everyone contributes their fair share
4.They offer each other support.



If I get the funds I can generate like the sum of N 3.7 million for each quarter yearly, but is defend on the market.

Venture Details

Startup stage
Adebisi Street Shop 7 Garki Market Adebisi Street Shop 7 Garki Marke, Abuja Fct-Abuja NG
Retail and Wholesale



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