Ventures For Africa Fellowship (VAF) Application Is Now Open

Venture for Africa (VFA) is a fairly new initiative started by Aaron Fu, Tobi Lafinhan, Thea Sokolowski, and Stephanie Gogo. The idea behind it is to assist startups that are in the process of hiring to access talent nurtured by expert mentored and given a hands-on real-life experience to achieve various deliverables for an assigned startup is putting out a call for talented applicants. This will be their first cohort program and will run for three months.

The pool of talent captured by the fellowship will be matched with top African tech startups. The applicant and the startup will save time on time-consuming applicant procedures and enjoy a smooth and verifiable recruitment process.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, all the entire program will be conducted virtually. The situation has even earned a pseudo-reference,” the C19 remote fellowship.” .
Tobi Lafinhan, the co-founder of Ventures for Africa, attributed the founding of the initiative to “conversations we’ve had again and again” on the challenges faced by African startups keen on”filling talent gaps.” Alternatively, he points out how some smart individuals remain trapped in the corporate sector unable to find the right channel to make the transition into a startup environment.

Turaco, Sokowatch, and OkHi will be participants. Corporates who are eager to shift into startup culture and explore the creativity and exuberance that comes with that are open to join, as well as Africans working in the diaspora eager to head back to the continent.

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