Venture capitalists firms in Africa

We all know the struggle new businesses face raising capital or even to execute certain projects. It is therefore only fair that there is a means by which they can get financial assistance.

A venture capitalist is an investor who is willing to help startup projects and small businesses by providing the capital needed to propel them. These companies are eager to work with such businesses because they stand a chance to also benefit should in case the business succeeds.

These are some venture capital firms to look out for in Nigeria.

1. TL com Capital

This firm has been investing in Telecom, media, and Technology (TMT) companies in Europe, Israel, and Sub Saharan. They have offices based in Lagos, Nairobi, and London. In 2017, the venture capital firm raised $40 million to invest in African startups and recently invested in Terragon and mSurvey. They are willing to work with promising new businesses.

2. KLab Venture Capitals Co.

This is a venture capital firm that offers funds to new businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries. It is short for Kaizen Venture Partners.


This is a venture firm that particularly keeps close relations with the startups they invest in. They like to assist capable and proactive small business owners. Spark has quite a good record and is bent on helping small businesses do well. Businesses such as ogavenue,, and Hotels. ng were all affected by this venture firm.

4. IFC Capital

IFC’s Venture Capital Group is a body that invests in businesses at the growth stage. They see to it that these companies offer innovative technologies or business ideas geared at upcoming markets. Edu-tech, internet, healthcare, e-commerce, and cleantech. businesses they have invested in include Andela, Rocket internet, Kaymu, Flat6labs, etc.


This venture firm invests in tech companies with proven business models, help to scale internationally, and provide operational support. Rocket internet also invests in Nigerian businesses such as Jumia and acquired it from Nigerian founders.


Ventures platforms is a firm founded by a serial entrepreneur Kola Aina. After starting the firm in 2016, KolaVentures platforms have invested and now own a part of numerous businesses and startups like Thrive Agric and Paystack.


It was founded in January 2016 by Venture Garden Group, it is an independent investment holding company with a vision of building the largest Fintech investment holding company in Africa via direct investments in African technology companies that are supporting as well as disintegrating banking services. They have invested in businesses such as Rensource, Riby, Flutterwave, and Talentbase.


Growth capital fund by CChub is Nigeria’s first social innovation fund aimed at creating an unprecedented path to scale for outliers driving social change in NIGERIA. GC fund invests in early-stage businesses with high potentials to build our next generation of infrastructure using technology. GC-FUND investors include Bank of Industry and Venture Garden group.


It is a seed capital fund that specializes in providing short medium and long-term funding to small and medium businesses. Companies in lucrative areas like web, software, and mobile technologies. The fund’s average investment ranges from $25,000 to $100,000 for investment and several millions of dollars for follow-on funding series.


This company provides hassle-free funding for tech entrepreneurs. This VC firm invests in resourceful, reliable, smart business owners who are building high-growth technology-driven businesses. It recently announced its investment in Nigerian startups like, Cowrywise, BuyCoins, and Thank –u-Cash.


This venture capital firm is a fast-growing company that specializes in providing funds to Africa entrepreneurs. It was founded in 2017.

TiimAfrica strengthens Africa’s startup community by connecting entrepreneurs creating innovative and scalable businesses with the knowledge, network, and funding they require to succeed.

This VC offers entrepreneurs access to her startup academy, mentorship opportunities, and the ability to raise capital.

TiimAfrica recently signed an MoU with the Federal Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Development. A deal that involves giving over $5,000 grant to Nigerians young entrepreneurs to help boost their businesses

If you are a business owner with an idea worth investing in you could take advantage of this information and get an investor today.

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