Transport Start-up Gozem Teams Up With Etisalat To Provide Bike Riders With Digital Payment System

Gozem was founded in 2018 and operates throughout Africa’s francophone region where users rely on ride-hailing services. Most transport options available on Gozem are motorcycles. Riders can order tuk-tuks or taxis on the platform from the comfort of their homes or offices.
Gozem, the francophone ride-hailing company teamed with Benin-based Etisalat to enable bike riders to pay for the services through Moov money. Users can top their wallets or pay fro trips using Moov money.

In the long run, the company aspires to build a super App that will be used across the entire West African region. They intend to follow a similar regional strategy to that of Gojek and Grab which also provide users with other services apart from ride-hailing.

These Pandemic has been hard for ride-hailing companies as there are restrictions on movement, calls for social distancing and lockdowns that have affected most major cities. Companies such as Uber have announced a major slowdown in their business in most markets. One of its subsidiaries, Careem, that operates in Egypt and Kenya laid off 31 percent of its workforce. They will direct their resources to the development of a super App instead.

Opting for a wallet was a prudent move given the recent discouragement on the use of physical money. Pierrick Houée, Country Manager for Gozem in Bénin, outlined how users can benefit from “security and convenience” when using the platform. Emeka Ajene, the co-founder, is upbeat over positive regulatory changes that are expected in the region.

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