Tibu, Kenya Health Startup Launches Outpatient Care

The new healthcare service Tibu, is aimed at primary outpatient care throughout the country. The Kenya health startup brings about a new approach to traditional healthcare that required the patient to travel to the medical worker’s premises through the adoption of a digital platform, healthcare workers will have direct access to customers on short notice. User medical information will also be stored on the application.

Health workers who are fully equipped with the right tools equipment can now visit customers remotely and attend to them.

Jason Carmichael, the co-founder, and CEO of TIBU shared with the media how their standby health workers arrive at the scene with “patent-pending” equipment. In short, they will bring the clinic to you rather than vice versa. If widely adopted, Jason believes a new business model will improve efficiency, reduce the backlog in hospitals, eventually saving time and money.

Tibu rolled out in 2019 after a successful capital injection of $100,000 from Japanese based VC fund Kepple Africa Ventures. that focuses on the African continent. Tibu also teamed up with Lancet labs to offer clients home-based Covid-19 tests.

Their services will maintain a healthy record of all information pertaining to the lab, diagnosis, prescription, and information on billing
Tibu disclosed the new energy invested by their team into “patient-level analytics” which best understand and track health challenges. On making a request, the lab will trigger a courier service in a matter of minutes. The process can then be automated at standard pricing.

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