Tanzania: Dodoma Attracts Investors in Education

DODOMA District Commissioner Josephat Maganga has invited the business community and social organizations to invest in the region’s education sector.

Gracing the Ellen White early and primary school graduation ceremony, Mr Maganga said the government’s decision to move its administration to Dodoma has increased pressure for schools due to a substantial increase in population.

“We are welcoming all interested investors to explore opportunities in the education sector,” he said.

He said the district authorities are committed to improving the quality of education offered by both public and private institutions. Dodoma District, he said, is working towards improving teaching and learning infrastructure by building classrooms, teachers’ houses as well as dormitories.

With such initiatives, Mr Maganga called on teachers, education coordinators and education officers to jointly fulfill their responsibilities in line with improving the quality of edu- cation in the re- gion.

The school chairman, Rev David Mbaga, told Mr Maganga that the school hopes to deliver quality education to all the children.

He said the school’s vision is to see all graduates have skill competence to become independent.

“We are aiming at creating a competency-based education in which all our graduate will be independent. In that line, we are offering knowledge and we urge the government to support other investors in the sector to ensure the quality of education provided meets the needed standards,” he said.

He was optimistic that the governmentinvestor relationship will help reduce or eliminate the desire by some parents to take their children abroad for a better education system.

Mr Simon Ikwabe, the school director, noted that the school’s mission is to be a distinguished academic institution by providing the f i r s t – c l a s s e d u c a t i o n among the students.

“This is our first graduation for standard seven. In Dodoma region, the national examination results show our school leads other schools in the city and is second in the regional ranking.

Our target is to be among the top ten schools in the country by the next national examination,” he said.

He said the school plans to invest heavily in the teaching and learning to enable the standard seven graduates to be exceptional in the country.

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