South Africa Startup, Quench Launches Restaurant Delivery Services

Quench’s newly launched restaurant delivery service is established to offer delivery services to restaurants, bakeries, and butchers. Interested businesses only have to pay a one-time activation fee and offer a 10 percent rebate charge.

It was just a few months ago that Quench expanded its business in grocery deliveries. Now, the SA startup is branching into restaurant delivery and plans to offer restaurant businesses a deal they can’t resist. Quench plans to charge commissions, lower than what their competitors are charging.

At the beginning, Quench’s plan was to deliver wine, spirits, and beer to interested buyers. But when the nationwide lockdown kicked off, it started offering same-day delivery of groceries, including other essential items.

According to a statement made by the startup, Quench, many food delivery apps are already in operation, which are offering restaurant businesses a chance to operate. The only problem is that these apps are killing the sector with the hefty commissions they are charging.

The massive commissions these food delivery apps are charging has made many restaurants to keep their doors shut. They are already dealing with a low-profit margin, which will be reduced further when food delivery apps, which charge higher fees, collects their commissions.

Mathew McCreedy, Quench’s Head of the restaurant, commented that his company wants restaurants to remain in business and be happy running their businesses. For that reason, Quench has slashed its prices to a fee lower than the 20 to 40 percent rebates that other food delivery platforms are requesting.

Commissions generated by traditional apps were a bit more manageable when they only represented a tiny fraction of the entire revenue a restaurant generates. But that changed when the novel coronavirus struck. The hospitality industry is dying slowly from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we can’t just fold our arms and watch it die completely.

“Our service will benefit restaurants, bakeries, and butchers immensely. It will enable them to get back to business, ensure their employees starts earning a living, and give their customers a chance to continue eating their favorite meals in the comfort of their homes.

Quench offers contactless delivers, which is in line with the COVID-19 safety guidelines laid down by the government. All Quench delivery personnel have been trained on this, and they also use protective gear (gloves and facemasks) regularly.

Also, for now, alcohol sale isn’t available. It will be restored once the ban imposed by the government is lifted.

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