(patron & board executive)

Ambassador Kayode Garrick had a diplomatic career spanning over three decades, in the cause of which he served in several countries including France, Switzerland, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Brazil. Ambassador Garrick was a Minister responsible for Economic, Commercial and Investment Affairs at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC from 1998 to 2003. He served as Nigeria’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Brazil from 2005-2010 and was concurrently accredited to Bolivia and Paraguay. Ambassador Garrick currently served on a number of corporate boards including chemical and allied products Plc, and Global mandate consulting Limited. He is the C.E.O of perimeter management limited, south strategy consulting amongst others, he has a flaring desire to partner and grow African businesses that are scalable and sustainable in developing Africa.

SAMUEL .O. AJAKO (founder:consultant)


Samuel Ajako, a visionary, market analyst and innovator. Brazil 2009, his contributions secured his team to be recognized as Africa’s brightest startup hub for entrepreneurs (SAGE global). He believes the African market is ready for investment and growth. Having partnered with great companies who were once startups in Africa e.g. konga.com (an online e-commerce store), Oga taxi limited (Africa’s first indigenous E-taxi booking service). He identifies opportunities in various African startups, and identifies potential markets for trade and investment. He has partnered with the African union, UNICEF, Africa development bank in relative projects with the aim of achieving substantive economic growth on the African continent.

LEWIS JAKOBSON (lead investor & pro services)

(lead investor & pro services)

Worked with Megallian investments with over 18 years experience as a venture capital investor. with listed shares in some of the world's growing brands in USA, PARIS, CAMBODIA, BELGIUM,SPAIN AND GERMANY. His participation in raising funds worth over $100,000,000 in "series A" funding for venture capital firms like Greylock partners, benchmark, Accel, Sequoia capital and so many others makes Mr Lewis an active player in the market, his vast network of investors across the globe which he brings to the Tiimafrica platform presents opportunities of enlightenment to investors who are seeking to invest in the ever growing African market spaces.

David Ese

(Lead finance executive)

David Ese, A Chartered tax Manager of Nigeria, with exceptional skills within the startup space, managing and running businesses especially as it concerns finances. his vast business valuation experience cuts across various sectors and is a valuable executive of tiimafrica. Also a serial entrepreneur and investor with exceptional management skills. he has held the hem of financial activities at somafall service limited Nigeria, where his managerial skills increased the profit margin of the company by 23%. His commitment to the African business space makes him an asset.

SAMUEL C. CHUKWU (human capital development)

(human capital development)

Samuel c. chukwu, Speaker, Teacher and mentor committed to inspiring youths to be the best version of themselves, he is the CEO of B-you a human capital development agency. A lawyer by training, he firmly believes the enormous human capital in Africa is a mine untapped that must be harnessed to drive development forward.

JUDE DAHILO ISSAC (business growth:development)

(Mentorship program)

Isaac Jude Dahilo, B.Tech Library and Information Technology, MSc. Information Technology, is the founder of k.patriots and principal founder of Pink Idea Africa, an inspirational speaker, experienced counselor and on different platforms that cuts across schools, organisations, NGO's, government and rural outfits, across Africa. Consulted for the British council at the UK education fare in 2005. He holds short-term project working experiences with United Nations, U.S embassy and a current experience with the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS. He is also a YALI green champion and champion of girls education, YALI (young African leader’s initiative). A firm believer in the African business growth.

IDOKO PETERLANE OKEME (media and community reach)


(media and community reach)

Idoko Okeme Has been around the IT/ Media scene for over a decade now. Idoko has worked for more than 12 years in IT, TV and Media, holding senior commercial roles in organizations including White Cloud Media, Entertainment Africa, Skrypt Media and Millie House Sandralia. He is one of the pioneers of Oga Taxi, which has become one of the largest E-hailing mobile app in Africa, and successfully launched several other e-commerce, web and mobile apps across Nigeria. Idoko’s experience gives him an unrivaled contact base within the IT/Media industry and a deep understanding of what clients want from their business as it relates to the social media space and IT in general, he is able to postulate several approaches for businesses that can help penetrate the tech market.


EBIRE OYEYEMI (research: analyst)

(Lead Business Analyst)

Geography & planning (BSC honors), project and business management (PMP) certified, entrepreneurship management (EMP), Data analyst. His skills are always handy in conducting due diligence and effective selection of ventures on the tiimafrica network, postulating investment advice to our pool of investors.

MR VICTOR SHAIBU ADEIZA (partnership leads)

(partnership Associate)

Victor Shaibu, lawyer by profession, and with partnership with New horizon limited and affiliated body with CISCO USA. he has served his networking skills to Kogi state house of assemble Nigeria, building networks between governmental bodies and the public, he is able to understand the place of partnerships for African startups and entrepreneurs alike. As the end game as he describes, is securing sustainable business network in which other parts of the content and beyond are impacted.

SAMUEL FABUDA (developer)


Samuel Fabuda, A highly resourceful, innovative, and competent developer with experience in layout, design and coding of websites. Considerable knowledge of the development of web applications and scripts using ASP.net, PHP programming language and MySQL, Oracle & SQL Server databases. Ability to solve technical problems.


( Developer )

Self-motivated solution-driven professional excelling in highly collaborative work environment, finding
solutions to challenges and focused on customer satisfaction. Proven experience developing consumer-focused
web sites using HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and JavaScript. Experience building products for desktop, phone and
mobile app users, meeting highest standards for web design, user experience, best practices, usability and
speed. Responding to challenges by designing and developing solutions and building web applications aligned
to customer's services. Translating solutions into code and with high level of experience working on multiple
projects, third-party integrations and databases. Passionate and hardworking with penchant for meeting
deadlines. Interested in role with company promoting best practices and offering diverse customer projects.

(Internal relations Associate)

Facilitated trade agreements with different companies relating to the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation, Julius Berger constructions, has been in trade and disputes for 4 years now. he has made notable investments in the agricultural sector in Nigeria. At Tiimafrica he facilitates  smooth relationships with local investors within the Tiimafrica network.

(Deal flow Associate)

Currently serving as the managing director of MEGFILS specialist hospital among other notable investments in Nigeria. his ability to engage and find the best network and investment opportunities within the tech space is Africa presents Tiimafrica with exceeding network of startups and investors alike.

(Research Development Associate)

Managing director Lahabel group, real estate developer , an Aeronautic engineer with an extensive network of active players in the investment space, he has contributed actively in ensuring the tiimafrica network fulfills its mandate, leading a team of active researchers he is able to provide postulations, network and data needed to reach milestones set.