Nigerian Start-up, Gidanka Is Using Technology To Provide Living Space in Nigeria

Nigerian start up, Gidanka is changing the living space in Nigeria through technology by directly collaborating with realtors and local developers in leasing out spaces in their respective neighborhoods. The same applies to tourists and travelers. Living spaces available for renting out are fully furnished one-bedroom, 2 bedrooms, terraces, and duplex.

Olajide Abiola, founder, and CEO was upbeat over the idea behind the startup company which aims to offer “the best of hospitality.” He attributed the demand for the housing to Mmillaenials and Generation Z travelers.

He touted their data-driven market segment as a part of the wishes of travelers keen for the traditional hotel experience on a short and medium-term basis. He also revealed his inner fascination for “interior design” and how it “intersects with amenities” to create a complete home.

The name Gidanka is the Hausa name for “your home.” It has witnessed incredible success given it only launched in July but now operates 30 fully serviced homes in five city neighborhoods. The company might have experienced an inconvenience from the effects of the pandemic, but it just won US$500,000 seed funding last August which should help keep it afloat

The entire process is fully automated meaning travelers simply check into their website and make a booking. On completion, they shall receive a message and SMS providing details on the door access codes. The entire check-in process will be fully automated and Gidanka will rely on technology to see it through.

All guests rely on the Whatsapp platform to request services such as housekeeping, maintenance, or laundry. All that data is relayed into a backend system, processed, and communicated to the relevant third parties.

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