Nigerian Agri-tech Startup Farmcrowdy launches e-Commerce Platform, Farmcrowdy Foods

Nigerian agri-tech startup Farmcrowdy has launched Farmcrowdy Foods. This e-commerce platform is promoted as a one-stop digital marketplace giving consumers access to high quality and pocket-friendly food options while at home. As more companies, businesses, and startups venture are changing how they do business in the COVID-19 climate,

In 2019, Farmcrowdy sealed a US$1 million worth of seed funding and keeps re-inventing the wheel of innovation. Last year the launch of Farmgate Africa was another major highlight given as it gave major processors including international buyers a chance to buy commodities directly from the farmer clusters. In February this year, the firm acquired a majority stake in Best Foods (L&P) – which is a livestock production & processing solution.
The platform has now shifted to Farmcrowdy Foods, e-commerce marketplace which allows it’s users to buy food directly over the internet. The company even has an Android app up and running while the iOS remains under development.

The eventual outcome is to receive products that are “traceable, fit and healthy” for consumption.
Farmcrowdy aspires to assist its customers in acquiring ” products from hygienic environments” that are processed in “good conditions.” Farmcrowdy began in 2016, as a platform that connects small scale, Nigerian farmers, to individuals buyers and corporates. Thus far the platform has empowered over 25,000 farmers, linking scattered across the Nigerian states.

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