Ndonge, DR Congo Startup Makes Bitcoin Accessible To Locals

Ndonge, DR Congo Startup Makes Bitcoin Accessible To Locals. The digital asset, which is built on blockchain and borderless, can be used as money and has continued to gain massive adoption across the globe.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is One of those places where the cryptocurrency is beginning to make an impact.

In August 2019, it made bitcoin the payment method on its platform, meaning users only accessed its online services with bitcoin. The move meant anybody could buy phone credit for any of the major providers using bitcoin.

With most brokers flatly refusing to offer locals access to bitcoin-related services, a startup in the east of the country is making the case for Bitcoin and helping locals appreciate its benefits.

According to the Cointribune, the first over the counter bitcoin desk in the DRC appeared in 2015, setting the trend that led to the launch of Ndonge’s bitcoin venture in August 2019. The startup began as a micro-enterprise whose platform offered users a channel to sell phone credits and manage stock.

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