Kenyan Startup Bwala Receives US$226,000 Funding To Boost Operations

Bwala a Nairobi logistics start-up has acquired US$226,000 investment to fulfill the e-commerce demands of “last mile” connectivity. The company just launched BwalaPay an e-pay platform which is a logistics and e-commerce marketplace. The platform presents a one-stop logistics solutions ecosystem. For instance, one can hire trucks, cars, vans, and delivery vans. Alternatively, they can be linked to trusted mechanics or genuine dealers in spare parts while at home or in the office.

Founder and Chief Executive, Kennedy Nyabwala, was upbeat of the 3 large partnerships they had sealed with major retailers. Their collections system, BwalaPay has thus far collected over 7 million from last-mile clients. Customers have the choice of paying on delivery, meaning the seller gets paid once they receive their cash. This means the package will be delivered back to the seller when not sold, removing the risk of fraud from unscrupulous online retailers. The company has completed 6,000 deliveries throughout Nairobi. He mentioned how the company incorporated motorcycle delivery due to its speed and efficiency in deliveries.
The company also provides escrow payment services through its BwalaPay services. That means customers can pay for goods delivered directly through their platform. The company has completed over 6,000 deliveries throughout the capital, a move that has fostered strong relationships with Naivas, Copia, and Jumia.

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