Irish Startup Xpensi Eyes The African Market Space

The platform presently accommodates Irish and British clients and runs on a subscription model. Zimbabwean entrepreneur, Iphi Mhlanga created a remarkable product – Xpensi a SaaS expense management and employee engagement platform. The Irish-based entrepreneur is on the verge of launching the product on the continent.

You can add additional team members or improve expenses on the go by simply linking to the business account payable email address.

Iphi Mhlanga analyzed several companies and arrived at a value addition angle of offering in-depth data analysis of their financials. He then partnered with fellow countryman Keith Taurai to launcexpensing
As co-founder & CEO, Mhlanga is upbeat over their operational expenses comparing their US$5 daily running costs to US$100 of their competitors. He points it out as an “advantage to us” as Xpensi can “run multiple experiments” that “refine our targeting” and ensure only the “right people” get hold of the service. He went on to point out that Xpensi believes it can achieve “huge success” if they team up with the “right investment partner.”

With a distinguished background and qualifications in accountancy, Mhlanga intends to launch the product in Africa – with a keen focus on Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.

The service will launch in these markets with a 30-day free trial. At every stage in the process, the company offers excellent customer support to businesses using the platform. Given that both company founders originate from the continent, they are best-placed t understand the simple challenges small businesses face in Africa when it comes to their expensing
The idea behind Xpensi was hatched during Mhlanga’s experience working for a tech conferencing company

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