Here Is The List Of 100 Youth Owned Companies Qualified For Project Grow 100 Pitch Deck

Tiimafrica in collaboration with the Ministry of youth and sports development is pleased to announce the progress and release of qualified 100 youth owned companies for a pitch deck.

However, the pitch deck started on Monday June 21st 2021 and expected to round up 23rd June 2021 and more than 60 candidates have been interviewed for the grant so far.

Here’s the list of qualified companies for the project grow 100 pitch deck.

Recall, project grow 100 program started late 2020 around November prescisely and over 3,000 companies applied.

The Project Grow 100 grant is an initiative set up by the Federal Government through a partnership between the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports and Tiimafrica to help small business owners access the much-needed funds required to take their businesses to the next level.

The initiative is expected to yield both direct and indirect gains to the economy and strengthen the resilience of young Nigerian business owners through the provision of funds to innovative and creative young entrepreneurs in the country.

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