Helium Health Is Set To Start Giving Loans To Hospitals To Improve Their Facilities

Nigerian based health-tech startup. Helium Health, is set to start offering hospitals experiencing problems in funding development due to a lack of external financing across Africa access to loans.

Helium Health is set to introduce a Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) which will capture and store a patient’s data as well as other hospital records and also transforming health care through CareCredit

CareCredit would be integrated together with the HMIS system to monitor each hospital’s revenues and expenses. With this knowledge, the startup can gauge the hospital’s financial need and loan ability.

Helium Health uses its technology to digitize health management systems, transforming hospitals by removing conventional paper file records.

It is noteworthy that a patient’s data in most hospitals in Africa is captured on paper and is only accessible in the hospital they visit. This means that a doctor in a different hospital cannot get the same patient’s data. With digital data, this problem will be solved.

Moreover, the startup would also manage the financial records in the hospitals. Helium Health raised $10million and intends to launch a digitized loan to hospitals, dubbed CareCredit. The good thing is that the loan re-payment schedules are friendly don’t require collateral.

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