Biotech Startup Koniku Partners With Airbus

Koniku’s , biotech startup partners with Airbus with a focus on aircraft and airport security. The startup seems to have come up with a simple solution to the global pandemic. Global giant Airbus announced its new partnership with Koniku – which happens to be based in California. The company uses biology accompanied by silicone technology in arriving at solutions.

Both companies seem to be working on the detection of biohazards. This includes spotting explosive and chemical threats. Airbus will adopt Koniku’s jellyfish-like device into their aircraft. This device can do an equally effective task as the police bomb sniffer dogs. The detection time of the device should be 10 seconds.

The same feature can slow be applied in disease prevention. They are now working on the detection of diseases such as COVID-19. Current machine-learning systems have the ability to learn and synthesize images and sounds. Koniku combines biological neurons with computer cells to give the computer power to detect odors. The living cells in use are from mice. For each disease, Koniku will detect set biomarkers.

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