• The tiimafrica community has a growing membership ranging from entrepreneurs to investors, to syndicate leads and program organizers active on the African continent.
  • You are in charge of your visibility and communication within the community. You can contact any entrepreneur upon a follow back request. And you control who can contact you. Join a deal as a co-investor or lead your own deal via contacting tiimafrica.
  • Companies on tiimafrica are early stage, post-seed and pre-late stage, and require investments less than USD 2 million. Each venture is scalable, makes smart use of technology, or is disruptive in their application of a business model, tiimafrica conducts due diligence on each venture listed and provides feedbacks and reports tailored to your investment niche.
  • Save time by using the advanced search and filter possibilities that let you identify companies meeting your investment criteria.
  • Identify prospects from a growing list of startups on the platform active in several African countries.
  • Search for ventures based on deal size, investment type, investment stage, sector and/or country.
  • Compare executive summaries of the startups that meet your investment criteria on your tailored dashboard or from full investor privileges given to you on any listed venture page.
  • Once you are interested in a startup, view its pitch decks, business plans, certificates of incorporation and more, then click on “MAKE A BID”. Tiimafrica will communicate with you and setup a private meetup room where you can effectively make offers and conduct further due diligence. We encourage you to allow tiimafrica go through this process with you, however you can also contact the entrepreneur directly using our tools.
  • Save time by doing due diligence without leaving the platform: reach out to the entrepreneur to follow-up.
  • Communicate with co-investors and with entrepreneurs as you evaluate investment opportunities.
  • Get unlimited access to our research on Africa with reports from the past 3 plus years on the African startup and investment space.
  • Explore trends and insights on venture performance, success factors, investments, investors and job creation from blog posts, newsletters.
  • Over the past 3 plus years we have gathered in-depth data from 2000+ ventures and 500+ investors.


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