Application To Zambian Innovation Hub BongoHive, Challenge Now Open

Zambian innovation hub BongoHive has opened applications for its annual FinTech Challenge, which aims to identify and develop fintech entrepreneurs to boost financial inclusion.

Run in partnership with Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Zambia, the BongoHive FinTech Challenge is open to entrepreneurs who have a fintech business idea or an early-stage startup.

BongoHive said it wants to work with entrepreneurs that are addressing financial inclusion, focused on challenges related to savings, investment, interoperability, financial literacy, credit savings, and differently-abled citizens.

The challenge will be implemented through two one-day ideation sessions for 30 participants each. Twenty participants from the two sessions will be selected to take part in five-day virtual sprint challenges, where two winners will be picked.

Winners will receive eight weeks of idea development and technical support, as well as mentorship from BongoHive and FSD Zambia.

Applications close on June 10, with the programme beginning on June 22 and ending in October.

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