TiimAfrica strengthens Africa’s startup community by connecting entrepreneurs creating innovative and scalable businesses with the knowledge, network and funding they require to succeed.

  • Entrepreneurs have access to the TiimAfrica Startup Academy, mentorship opportunities and the ability to raise capital.
  • Program partners engage members with their entrepreneurship programs, competitions, and services.
  • Investors are able to discover great companies, research opportunities and follow up with founders directly.

Our inspiration comes from the entrepreneurs bold enough to start great companies that have the potential to change the world.

We believe entrepreneurship is a key driver for the continent’s continued development. Entrepreneurship should be a main driver in Africa’s economic growth, in particular, the high growth high potential ventures working to develop important innovations and disruptive new business models.

This breed of company offers a significant source of employment and provides an important income stream for future generations. The entrepreneurs TiimAfrica exists to support contribute up to two-thirds of national GDP and provide the foundation for a stable middle class. They help form strong communities and are a powerful force for development.



TiimAfrica started with the mission to build up Africa’s startup community. Started in 2017, the network building organization has grown organically over the years into what is now the leading community working to build high growth high impact companies on the continent.

Africa’s increased economic momentum is fueled by a growing number of entrepreneurs and their ambition to transform the continent. It is imperative we seek out the collaborations and partnerships needed to bring together the capital, knowledge, and network these entrepreneurs require to succeed. In collaboration with a growing network of partners, the TiimAfrica community of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors are central to bolstering the Entrepreneurial ecosystem across the continent and offers a direct channel for anyone serious about being part of Africa’s next great success story.

Join the movement and take an active part today!